Who we are & what we do

The PublicSpaces Foundation is a unique coalition of various public organizations, such as public broadcasters, heritage institutions, festivals, libraries, museums and health organizations.

Under the umbrella of PublicSpaces, these organizations work together to solve a common problem: they largely depend on Big Tech and its platforms for communication, information, and media circulation. These platforms are primarily driven by commercial interests and are, therefore, not based on public values such as privacy, autonomy, and transparency. Read more about these values in the PublicSpaces manifesto.

We undertake various activities to build a digital ecosystem based on public values. From weekly articles and an annual conference to increase awareness of the problem, to practical help for public organizations in the form of the Digital Powerwash or we work together on a fairer internet with various organizations in projects such as Proof of Provenance. In addition, we are continuously expanding the network, both nationally and locally as well as internationally and Europeanly, such as in the SDEPS coalition (Shared Digital European Public Sphere). The more partners, the greater the impact!


The PublicSpaces team currently consists of Director Jantien Borsboom, Project Lead Wouter Tebbens, Editor Laura Krabbe, CTO Toon Toetenel, Chief Community Björn Wijers, Project Leader Paulien Dresscher, and Producer Emma Yedema. We are also assisted by various people from partner organizations, who also contribute working time to PublicSpaces.