Display Europe: An open-source media platform

Displayeurope.eu is a new platform initiated by the European Cultural Foundation on which European-oriented journalism based on public values will be presented. PublicSpaces is a partner of Display Europe.

What does Display Europe do differently?

Display Europe combats three problems of traditional media: the national perspectives from which news is written, the prioritization of profit instead of public values, and unequal representation (not all groups are represented in current media outlets).

The new platform operates openly in two ways: It offers translatable articles to reach all European residents while allowing everyone to contribute. In addition to inclusivity, the platform is committed to independence (it is free from government influence), sovereignty, and an open-source digital infrastructure. It is a place free from national influences and profit motives, and operates without the influence of interest groups.

Media without big tech

Unlike many current media platforms, Display Europe will not distribute its content via popular social platforms: ‘Display.eu will break free from the Big Tech social media and streaming platforms that currently filter and frame media production.’ In this way, the platform contributes to democratic media creation anchored in public values.


Wouter Tebbens

Project Leader

Curious about the project?

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